Welcome to Awesome High School

This is your testing platform for the KPBSD blog server.

For a great summary of blogging through KPBSD, click here.

First things first:

You need to set up your account and get your very own blog.

Set up your account:

Go to http://blogs.kpbsd.k12.ak.us/wpmu/wp-login.php

IMPORTANT: Login using your e number and password. This will create your account if you don’t already have one.

Play around a bit with your blog – it will play a role in your final exam. When you’re finished, return to this page to continue learning.

Next up, please click on any of the above numbered pages to read about any particular topic.

When you feel you have sufficient familiarity with the topics and would like to enroll in Awesome High School, let me know by telling me so in a comment on this page.

When I respond, you will have been added to Awesome High School’s esteemed list of students.

At this point, you are officially enrolled in Awesome High School, and it will appear in your dashboard under “My Sites.”

You can take the Final Exam by following the instructions on the “Exam” page.

Once you’ve passed, I’ll add you as an administrator to your school’s site, and you can take over the controls from there.

If you’ve already graduated, you can get started on your next steps here:

Good luck!

98 Responses to Welcome to Awesome High School

  1. Casey Olson says:

    What is the fight song for this school?

  2. Pegge says:

    I want to enroll in Awsome High School. Do you provide online learning opportunities? Thanks for your swift reply!

  3. Donna says:

    Yipes, I’m diving in with the Wombats! Thanks, Mike.

  4. e10386 says:

    I’m ready to be a Wombat at Awesome High School!

  5. Tammy Farrell says:

    Creating a practice Battle of the Books website for students and parents. Please coaches do not post real practice questions. Enjoy. Beware of URL change in near future

  6. e01327 says:

    I thought the Wombat fight song might be something by “Queen”?!

  7. Debbie Poindexter says:

    Please enroll me in the Awesome School of blog-eeeee-ness!

  8. e01033 says:

    I am ready to take the leap from Primary School to High School and no longer be a “Peanut” and become a “Wombat”!

  9. e01159 says:

    I think I am ready… Thanks!!

    Pauline @ Tustumena

  10. Denise Ogle says:

    Can I enroll in Awesome High? My mom says I should be in all the advanced classes. And I would like permission to leave campus during lunch. Thanks!

  11. Debbie Turkington says:

    Please don’t forget to enroll me in the advanced classes too…. I skipped from Second grade to High School! Yes, Deb P my mom said to do it!

  12. e01152 says:

    Please enroll me in Awesome High School. Thank you!

  13. e01745 says:

    I think I am ready…..

  14. e10903 says:

    This is cool! Thank you for your guidance!

  15. e10048 says:

    I think I am ready to give it a try. Wombats of the World UNITE!

  16. e00042 says:

    I’m a blogger now!

  17. KY says:

    Sorry, looks like I responded on the wrong page. Can you set me up for the test please? Thanks!

  18. e07750 says:

    Enroll me in this craziness, please!

  19. e01992 says:

    Could you please enroll me?

  20. e10349 says:

    I would like to be a student in this school…thanks!

  21. e01224 says:

    Wombat weady? I am.. Sign me up!

  22. e00025 says:

    Please enroll me in Awesome High
    Thanks –

  23. Admin says:

    I’m ready for Awesomeness

  24. Patty says:

    Hi Mike,
    When is graduation? Thank you!

  25. e01198 says:

    H Mike,
    I’m so excited to go live on our new site!! Thanks for all of your time!

  26. 032843 says:

    I would like to be part of The Most Awesome Test School Platform in the History of the Universe!

  27. e10297 says:

    Hi Mike,
    Please sign me up so I can have some of the Awesome Wombat Power on my side!

  28. e02285 says:


    May the force be with you! Beam me up!

  29. e01118 says:

    Hi Mike,

    Please enroll me. I promise to do my best!

  30. e00298 says:

    Could you please enroll me?


  31. Karen says:

    Could you please enroll me?

  32. e01008 says:

    Hey I want to enroll

  33. Melanie Schilling says:

    Please enroll me. Thank you

  34. Laura Sheldon says:

    I’m ready to enroll in Awesome High School. Thank you.

  35. e08795 says:

    Alright I think I’m ready to enroll in Awesome High School, home of the wombats. Thanks!

  36. Ms. Manion says:

    Wombat, Wombat, whereforartthou Wombat??

    WHERE DID YOU GET WOMBAT, ANYWAY? To many Yoga Workouts – clouds the mind!

  37. Ms. Manion says:

    They are Awesome!
    Trying to add a Tweet link – thought I did that under widgets but don’t see it on my site…ideas?

  38. Ms. Manion says:

    Please enroll me…
    I still have questions, King Wombat – I look forward to your guidance and encouragement (and accountability!).

  39. Elena says:

    Please sign me up, webmaster. Thanks.

  40. e01038 says:

    I am in.

  41. e01264 says:

    Hi Mike,
    Please add me!

  42. John says:

    Soldotna Middle is now ready to enroll and get started with our WordPress Webblog!

  43. e00480 says:

    Okay, Wombat Master, I think I am ready to enroll in Awesome High School:) Karla

  44. e01981 says:

    Hi Mike – Please add me!!!

  45. e10707 says:

    I’m ready to be enrolled!

  46. e01598 says:

    I think I’m ready to be enrolled!

  47. e01873 says:

    I would like to sign up for the works. Thanks.

  48. Sheryl says:

    Please enroll me!

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